Celebrity Psychic Laura Powers has been featured by Buzzfeed, NBC, The Jet Set Television Show, Motherboard by Vice and many others.  She also has a 5 star rating on Yelp and Google. You can read more about what others have to say on her yelp listing. To see Laura in action, watch the BuzzFeed video below.

A new television show based on Laura's work is currently in development. 


Check out her website Healing Powers dedicated completely to this work or book a session.

Laura teaches classes in psychic development and manifesting as well as offers readings, and clearing services for individuals and spaces.  

Below are a some things a few people have had to say about her work:

"Absolutely AMAZING! We instantly connected from the 1st read. She was able to answer all of my questions and was truly genuine in that she was straightforward and not just telling you what you "wanted" to here. She has guided me with regards to my career, businesses, relationships, and finances. Thanks to her guidance I just increased my finances and business by literally 10x my monthly $! thanks so much! A MUST MUST SEE!" ~ yelp review by Nikki H

"I had goose bumps while she was talking.  She gave me clarity with all the things that causes me so much stresss. Good and bad,  it will be thoroughly discussed.  I can't believe how accurate she was and I didn't even tell her anything about my life. I will definitely seek her wisdom again soon. Highly recommended." ~ yelp review by Marni 

"I am so grateful to have been led to Laura Powers! Laura works from the sheer essences of sincerity and wisdom. Not only is she gifted, but Laura is dedicated to honoring her gifts and working to heal and help. Also, it is clear that Laura is deftly skilled and experienced in the use of her gifts.
Laura imparted messages to me which profoundly changed my life, granted deep clarity and united me to greater alignment and purpose. I have to say it again: I AM SO GRATEFUL!!!" ~ yelp review by Tricia

"I have to say Laura has a true gift and has not only helped me, but my family as well.  My first reading with Laura was amazing.  At the end of my reading, I asked Laura if I should stay employed at my current job or start my own business (I was unhappy at the current job).  She was told that I would do very well and to go out on my own.  About 4 months ago, I did just that with total fear and excitement.  My business grew so quickly!  I'm doing amazing and I'm beyond happy with my situation!  Laura also came to do a clearing at my house.  My daughter (6) had a "visitor" since she was a toddler.  She was very afraid of seeing this visitor and she would have nightmares about it on a nightly basis (to the point of me laying with her to calm her down).  Laura was able to help my daughter find her angels and use them to keep this "visitor" away.  I have to say, since Laura did the clearing in my home, my daughter has not even mentioned the name of this visitor, nor has she woken up from any bad dreams. 
Laura is the real deal and has an exceptional gift!" ~ yelp review by Jessica